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Saga 11

πŸ‘‹ Hi world!

Markdown + HTML + CSS = πŸ’œ

Saga11 is a static website builder for webdesigners that dreams of:

  1. Complete ΓΌber control of HTML, CSS & JS.
  2. The complexety of "modern" web.
  3. CMS for editing but witout a database

Quick start

⬇️ Download Latest

  1. install saga
$ npm install
  1. Spin it up:
$ npm  start

The site is ready for local development on port 3791
πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» localhost:3791

✍️ Admin interface

To make the admin work clone the env.example to .env (else the system dont know where the admin is)

πŸ‘‰ localhost:3791/admin
⌨️ Keyboard shortcut cmd + shift + e

πŸ’… Themes

Themes are in /src/themes/...
The are configured in /saga11.config.js

πŸ“œ Content

Content is in "/src/content/"

  1. Create the PWA statupscreen
$ npm run splash-screens:build

🚚 Build to Production

  1. Now The site is ready to be published, build it and send it to the internet!
$ npm build
  1. Cleanup the build folder - just to remove the clutter
$ npm run cleanup

🎈 Saga11 is build on top of 11ty & NetlifyCMS

πŸͺ² Bugs & comments github

11 Reasons

Templates is king!

The templates are in complete control over the output. Content types & components have each seperate template files for ΓΌber customization.

Content types & Components

Pages, stories & noticiation content types + pagebuilding with html components.

Static Web + CMS = Awesome

Use Netflifycms to edit the content or use the texteditor for extra nerd points.

4 Hundo!

Make the web awesome - Lighthouse scores in the 100/100/100/100 range.


Its a Static websites it cant get faster than that! Its Minified Compressed and stamped on twice.

NO database

All data & Content is in markdown or json. No fiddeling with database connectors.


Build on the nordic design principles of keeping things simple and removing the clutter.


Add pages to your Calendar as the page is an event - no more facebook events ;)

Open Graph & RSS

Sharing is caring custom preview for all social media & offcourse RSS (and sitemaps, humans and robots.txt)

Its all there

Everything lives in the repo

PWA build in

HTML > Apps !